PMX platform: Flexible enough for whatever the coffee future holds
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Next level coffee packaging platform
– That’s PMX

Our new solution to make your production ready for the future: The new PMX platform is a truly flexible coffee packaging solution.

Maximum flexibility through modular design

The PMX platform allows you to flexibly adapt your production business to react quickly to changing market requirements and customer needs.

It maximizes the productive time of your packaging line: Thanks to fast format changes and full corner sealing, it can be used to package ground coffee and whole beans in different packaging formats.

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Maximum flexibility: All formats. All bag styles. Truly flexible.

  • Handles all types of soft bags to package ground coffee and whole beans securely
  • Allows you to adapt your production unit flexibly to changing market requirements and customer needs by adding modules

Modular design for individual configuration

  • Composed of individual modules for dosing and closing stations as well as a machine design to configure PMX to suit your needs
  • From large and medium to small formats – various bag variants and closing elements can be combined to match your specific production requirements

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Frequently asked questions

The PMX platform is a truly flexible coffee-packaging solution: we have blended our more than 100 years of packaging expertise, a thorough knowledge of the industry, and our passion for coffee to create a new solution that makes your production unit future-ready. Thanks to its modular design, the PMX is highly flexible in formats and bag styles.

Yes, the PMX is designed for sustainability. It processes all relevant recyclable materials into high-quality packages. Digital condition monitoring further ensures the meeting of growing sustainability goals, such as minimizing packaging material, energy, and gas consumption.

The PMX is highly flexible and suitable for various packaging and production needs. It packages ground coffee and whole beans in all types of soft bags and from large, medium to small formats.

It also allows you to flexibly adapt your production business to react quickly to changing market requirements and customer needs.

We are happy to examine your specific production requirements, please contact our sales team through the form below.

We offer various dosing units for your product, for example auger filler and netweighers. Together with you, we select the right option for your product during planning your project.

From the beginning of a new product life cycle we can support you.  Syntegon puts together custom programs to provide precisely the support each customer needs. These services can range from packaging material analysis and machinability studies for specific use cases to engineering support for the entire packaging process, including the necessary machine adjustments.

Our support starts with planning your next project and we are there for you, once your machine is running in your production: Our service team supports you continuously with spare parts and field service offerings.  Furthermore, we work together with our customers to develop the OEE of the packaging lines, gladly in a regularly held workshop in your factory with your teams.

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