Get insights into the unique challenges and solutions for chilled & frozen food packaging.

Flexible, hygienically designed production equipment is a prerequisite for any frozen food producer who wants to tap new markets in a rule-consistent way. This requires the support from experienced equipment manufacturers. Syntegon has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of hygienic, customized packaging lines for various production scenarios, including start-ups, small manufacturers with established portfolios, as well as medium-sized and large companies.

Apart from a diverse portfolio, a hygienic production environment is also key to securing market success. Germs like listeria must be kept at bay at all costs to ensure both product and consumer safety.

The whitepaper provides

  • the principles of hygienic design, both in the design process of the machine manufacturer and in daily operation.
  • the benefits of automation for various types of production facilities, including an analysis and requirements of different automation levels.
  • hands-on examples of automated, hygienic machine concepts at customers from all automation levels and company sizes.

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We provided our customer the ability to increase their output, further automate their packaging operations, all while designing equipment that would not only withstand their harsh cleaning regimen, but also make it more efficient.

Dave Wood

Global Technical Sales Manager. Customer for Frozen Corn Dogs

With the expert support from four international Syntegon sites, we designed a line that perfectly fits the current and future needs of our customer.

Tobias Bruetsch

Senior Account Manager. Customer for Frozen Pizzas